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But just to clear things out, you didn't refute my statement about your state of vir- err purity" Kay said in mock whisper and agilely avoided the other half of New's sandals which hit the opposite side of the wall with a loud thwack.

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Let me start this presentation by saying that I have joined the committee that handles the preparation for our Senior's trip and I would be very grateful if my best friend who I have known since I was a cute baby could support me". New simply raised an unconvinced eyebrow at his best friend but Kay was unperturbed and continued the presentation without a hitch. I need you to be there. New shook his head negatively, "I already told you that I will be busy after our graduation so it's best if I start with my preparations now".

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New stared silently at his best friend who nervously raked his fingers through his hair in a nervous habit. For weeks, Kay has been trying to find the perfect timing to tell New about his university plans and was hoping that the Senior's trip would be the ideal venue to give his best friend a proper explanation.

But out of desperation to persuade his friend to join their upcoming trip, he has unceremoniously announced his plan to leave. Just send me the details of the Senior's trip" New said in a controlled tone before closing the door gently. As much as Kay wanted to explain more to New about his plans, he understood from how the other cut him off that his friend wasn't ready to hear from him yet.

He groaned and tediously rolled the bulletin board away. Kay was too distraught to notice how the door of New's neighbor closed gently as he was leaving. Electronic Script Information. This option requires the purchase of a sufficient number of distribution rights for your entire cast.

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As with all production orders, you must order a minimum of one script per cast member. Only scripts can be emailed. All script prices are the same, whether paper, digital, or photocopied. There are no returns, exchanges, or refunds on e-scripts or distribution rights.

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