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There are few writers - Lorrie Moore comes to mind, Joy Williams, too - who know the exact pulse of such altered states. Here is the high, lonesome tune of trauma in the aftermath, of loss in the single digit hours of the morning. The title story, "Stay Awake" is the most cerebral, literally.

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About a yo This book is a series of short stories by Dan Chaon. About a young girl who was born with her malformed twin attached to her head, the parents struggle with the what- if's and what-now's. As a woman in my late stage of my pregnancy, I found this difficult to read, yet enlightening. The endings were abrupt and unsatisfactory.

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Overall, this book was not cohesive, and overall forgettable. Despite the fact that I read an ARC of these short stories, each selection felt unfinished.

There was no resolution or closure to any of the stories. In many instances, sentences were left unfinished, as in, there was no period at the end of a paragraph. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not.

Das Babylon-Virus: Thriller (German Edition)

The stories are connected in that they each focus on dismal situations with characters who are experiencing loneliness, grief, despair Stay Awake is the new collection of short stories from Dan Chaon. The stories are connected in that they each focus on dismal situations with characters who are experiencing loneliness, grief, despair, or misguided love. In the opening short story, a recovering alcoholic is still grappling with his choice to walk out on his first wife and small child. Another selection focuses on a young man dealing with the deaths of several of his close friends and the double suicide of his parents.

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The title story is based on a couple whose child is born with a rare condition in which it is born with 2 heads. All of the stories share a haunting overtone and end so abruptly that it's not entirely clear that the story has even ended and left me unsatisfied. I recommend Await Your Reply for a better and more complete read by this author. Oct 20, Jeanette rated it liked it. Imaginative with strong repetitive suggestions for the real time perceptions of the schizophrenic.

Not weird or creepy in a esoteric way for me. But closer to listening to first person case study. Sign up for more newsletters here. I swear I'm not a huge fan of the Oprah triump of the human spirit type genre, but that's the whole point - how would a writer as nuanced and as attuned to genuine tragedy and absurdity, how would a writer like you pull that off? All of the stories are dark and twisted in one way or another. But there was nobody. There is always a line in his work, or a mood that he evokes that rings very true to me, and my own experiences.

Skill is honed in that particular or personality disordered observation and emotive context. He writes close to the "off" bone. May 16, Ann Douglas rated it really liked it Shelves: How creepy is this collection of short stories? So creepy that, when I finished the last short story reading late at night in a cabin in the woods, by myself I hopped out of bed and carried the book to another room so that I wouldn't accidentally spot the cover of the book if I woke in the night.

Feb 27, Joshua Jorgensen rated it really liked it. This is my second work of Dan Chaon's and it is safe to say that I am officially a fan. These collection of short stories are disorienting, dark, melancholic, and some of them are down right chill-inducing. I like the bizarre nature of his writing--the way that he crafts a story out of the mist--and as you read you get closer and closer to a shape, yet are never close enough to figure out just exactly what it is you are running into.

The standouts in this collection for me are: What a chilling story. It left me temporarily paralyzed and it was well placed. Upon concluding the collection, I had the anxious thought: I think that it is intentional, and it makes the collection more wholesome. I am reading a few other books at the moment, but another Dan Chaon novel is in the queue. I'll be more than ready to pick it up and get lost in another blurry story that somehow shifts me and settles over me. What a master, is Mr. Mar 23, Susan rated it really liked it. This collection of short stories was very dark and melancholy.

Some of them were a fair bit creepy but nothing too scary. This is not the book to pick up if you are sad or depressed. There isn't a happy story to be seen. A few were quite shocking with twists that took me by surprise.


Dan Chaon is a very good writer and I will look to read more from him in the future. Feb 06, Cheryl rated it it was amazing Shelves: This collection of short stories is about death, dreams, suicide, loss and losing your way, and trying to find your way back. It is lifted by small hopeful bursts of humour. She, meanwhile, had the haggard eyes and quick temper of a woman who had just lived for five years with a teenager.

Parking meters along the block had been beheaded and were now just bare pipes sticking up out of the sidewalk. Despite the themes, it does not feel heavy and oppressive. It is saved and elevated by the prose. Parents dying just as the character was becoming an adult, dreams, car crashes, new starts and failures to make new starts.

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It was as if he was writing a story to express these ideas, and then tried writing another different one to express the same, and on and on. Circling around the ideas and concepts, picking at some and transferring bits to others. Digging around on the web a bit found this link: The descriptions could be provided only by someone familiar with its path of destruction. Emprise Review has an interesting interview with him here http: The stories were powerful, the prose over and over was was wonderful.

Feb 18, Rosa rated it really liked it. Dan Chaon, Yours is always one of the first names that pops into my head when I ponder who my favorite writers are. I love the subtlety, depth, and intelligence of your writing - most of all, I love the surprising flashes of sly humor, which often get overlooked because of the immense sadness that pervades your work. You always have such great opening paragraphs that I'm immediately drawn in I enjoyed this collection immensely, despite the fact, as the negative reviews have commented, that it's kind of a downer but didn't you notice it was often funny, people?

I must say, though, that as a fan who's read most of your work, I'm really, really curious to see what an uplifting or even remotely hopeful story might look like from you, because off the top of my head, I can't think of a single example. What would a happy Dan Chaon story read like? The other thing I've often thought as I've read your work is that your protagonists seem way too feeling and intelligent to be caught in the predicaments that they get ensnared in; I'm not sure if that's your hopeful element that even the most screwed up people have thriving inner lives , or if that's the most depressing aspect of your work of all their deep intelligence and sensitivity is often what leads your characters down their fatalistically self-destructive paths But either way, I'll definitely be along for the ride; you had me a few books back, probably at the misogynistic talking bird and subsequent offstage avicide I liked Chaon's novels a lot, this was the natural next step, his short stories.

Heavy doesn't even begins to describe it, it's oppressingly so. Once again in pursuit of those invisible ghosts, the characters here all failures in their own way, crushed under the weight o I liked Chaon's novels a lot, this was the natural next step, his short stories.

Once again in pursuit of those invisible ghosts, the characters here all failures in their own way, crushed under the weight of the world, grief and circumstances are all haunted as they stumble through their sad desperate despodent lives usually trapped by Midwest, lack of money, lack of options, etc.. Depressing would be an understatement here. Not that Chaon's previous work sets a reader up for something sunny, this just The collection starts off terrifically, with something that comes as close to a proper horror story as Chaon does, its ambiguity being its greatest strength.

The collection wraps up cleverly with a story that squares away the multiple plot strands of its predecessors. The journey from one end to the other is An eloquent, well written journey, but tough to recommend, this is the sort of book that should be used to balance out the obnoxiously optimistic into reason. Feb 24, Mark rated it it was amazing. Mortality is a constant presence in this collection of stories, sometimes crouching in a distant corner or looming over every perfectly framed sentence. This is a gallery of troubled souls, dealing with a parasitic baby, a brain-damaged husband, suicide, infanticide, various car wrecks, capital punishment and the forlorn parade shuffles on.

Spread out, through various towns and cities, from Ohio to Nebraska, these characters struggle with loneliness, a regrettable past and isolation. Sounds like a bright Spring read, huh? There is a dark beauty here. Gorgeous writing and an uncanny understanding of human grief and pain. Each story drew me in, sometimes reluctantly and with every precise, haunting word, made me look to the skies and appreciate the good life that I possess. Mar 30, Katie rated it it was ok. This was a book of short stories that were very, very dark in tone--all of them.