Manual Poems for People Who Don’t Read Poems

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Have they always? By breaking down the truly important elements of poetry—not the ones relevant to poetry as form, but of poems as emotional entities designed to delight, to inspire thought, to accompany feeling, to express, to document human experience—Burt might just have here a book well-equipped to change the status quo, to make an actual contribution resulting in more people enjoying more poetry, not only as a cultural or intellectual exercise, but as a human practice, something we do daily for our own well-being and enjoyment of life.

Those elements are: feeling, character, form though never by itself, without feeling and wisdom , difficulty, wisdom, and community, and they are born of the belief that what we need to have with poetry is a lifelong love affair, as personal and intimate as any relationship in our lives:. They will also give you something else. Along the way, she acquaints us with broad swath of poems, deciphering them for us, sharing the keys to enjoying them and demystifying the tools by which we may want to try our hand at writing ones like them.

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Her poetry choices are unexpected and well-matched to her arguments, and there is a lot that is new here in comparison to other books about the enjoyment and understanding of poems. I write everything by hand and then type it into a text editor a few days later.

How To Read Poetry And Actually Enjoy It For National Poetry Month

I almost always catch something to fix or alter. I also read all my poems out loud to check the rhythm and meter. I won a contest early last year and received an excellent book, Poetry by Susan Dalzell. Thanks for listening to this old poet, and thank you again for your article.

Why You Should Read Poems Aloud

I absolutely agree with the idea of reading to become a better writier. In my Creative Writing course, students always groan and question why we read so many example pieces. This may have become one of the examples they will be reading! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

A very inspiring poem : don't give up (must hear)

On the importance of reading poetry. Rajbala Chauhan on December 23, at am. Thank You…… Reply.

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Melissa Donovan on December 28, at am. Robbie Cheadle on June 18, at am. Melissa Donovan on June 18, at pm. Thanks, Robbie. Bobby Fairfield on June 18, at am. Walt Page on June 19, at pm. Trent on June 21, at pm. Melissa Donovan looks at what happens when poets…. A weekly poem selected for likability.

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Share Tweet. Alex Howe Alex Howe writes poetry and regular sentences.

How To Read Poetry And Actually Enjoy It For National Poetry Month

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