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We will experience one of them and you will be given the other six to take home with you into your own ministry.

John Eggers: The Seven Fires of the Ojibwe

Pope Frances says this desire for the more, the magis, 'is the fire, the fervour of action that rouses us from slumber'. Join us for an awakening night. Date: 22 Nov Thursday , 8 till 10 pm Participation by donation of any amount. For registration visit www. With an academic background in the arts and theology, he has developed creative uses of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

Mallmann was classically trained in French cuisine and opened his first restaurant, at 19, in the upscale beach resort of Punta del Este, Uruguay. Mallmann was so successful that he could afford to shut down the restaurant in the off season and travel to Europe to train with Michelin-starred chefs.

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After 20 years of South American—inspired nouvelle cuisine, Mallmann "tired of making French food for wealthy Argentines. Mallmann embraced the cooking techniques that he grew up with, wood fires and cast iron pots.

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These basic tools paired with Argentine meats and produce comprise the cuisine that Mallmann calls Nuevo Andean. Seven Fires , co-written by Peter Kaminsky, is more than a guide to Argentine grilling.

John Eggers: The Seven Fires of the Ojibwe | Bemidji Pioneer

It's a love letter to Argentina, with all of its natural bounty and beauty. The recipes showcase the international influences that have shaped Argentine cuisine, from the Native Americans to the Spanish, Italian, German, and Irish. Mallman is a fan of the taste of burnt.

He uses primal, wood-fired cooking techniques for all of the recipes in Seven Fires. What are the seven fires?

They are the cooking methods that Mallmann uses for all of the recipes, here are the definitions:. Rest assured that you will never view barbecue or outdoor cooking in the same way after reading this book.

Cook the Book: 'Seven Fires'

What Mallmann does in the book is to explain the seven different fires that form the backbone of his cuisine. From cooking on a barbecue to using a cast-iron griddle or skillet, a clay oven, a cauldron or cooking with embers and ashes, the Argentinian chef presents seven ways of how to use fire in your cooking.

The recipes work well regardless of the method or medium used, whether it is wood, charcoal, gas grill or cast iron. He says that the cooking will still be successful but of course he prefers fire.

Mallmann loves charring or burning because this adds an extra dimension to breads, vegetables and fruits. He loves the element of danger and excitement in creating a burnt taste. Once you read the book, you will be surprised with how versatile cooking with fire can be.

The recipes are divided into appetizers, meat, fish and shellfish, light meals and salads and desserts. From simple bruschetta to a burnt ricotta salata salad with tomatoes and olives, to cooking a perfect steak or baking fish in salt, there are enough recipes to tempt you to master the art of the fire.

And once you get the techniques and the flavour combinations, the book also inspires you to try different things.