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Dimensions: 0. Customer Reviews. Write a review. Published by Thriftbooks. Read it months ago and still can't get it out of my mind. This guy is better than Bukowski. If you don't believe me give it a shot. What's it about? Trying to stay off booze and whatnot long enough to create on the typer--while desperately needing to hold on to some dead-end job in order to keep a bit of food in the belly and a roof overhead. This is life, the way it is for most people in this great nation of ours.

Not everyone out there is wealthy like Bill Gates and has it made. Most people in this country are struggling and merely trying to make ends meet. Bruno Dante is one of us, one of many. He feels he has the ability and the talent to creat something he can be proud of as a writer You don't have to be a writer to be able to relate. A Great American Novel?

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That's exactly what I said. The title of this review pertains to Dan Fante the novelist, and to "Bruno Dante", Fante's protagonist in this third installment about an alcololic on a downward spiral. Dan Fante is a brilliant writer who takes the reader into the bowels of hell and back.

How does he do it? In his first interview with a temp agency he lies about his last employer, telling the interviewer the company has relocated. Alcoholics are always trying to "relocate". Dead end job after dead end job follows until he finds himself hanging onto the side of a building, fourteen stories up, washing windows. The one satisfying moment of his day comes when he spits off a tall building knowing someone down below is lower than he.

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At least for that second. Once again Fante explains the illness of addiction in a way everyone can understand. The booze and the drugs are only simptoms. It's the mind that's messed up.

Spitting Off Tall Buildings book by Dan Fante

Yet "Bruno" will continue to seek happiness in a place where happiness never has been and never will be found: in that messed up mind of his. You'll find yourself pulling for "Bruno" to find that happiness because, even though he's a full blown alcoholic, Fante has made him a very funny and likeable guy.

Will he find that happiness we all seek? Read the book to find out. Bruno Dante's Way! Easy to read, easy to relate. I like Fante as a human being, I like his "voice," and so will you. Unlike so many writers out there, he manages to stay clear of B. Life isn't easy for a lot of people; that's just the way things are and he lays it out. The style is pure, raw, from the heart and gut.

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The way it ought to be. Let's have her be a victim of incest. Screenwriting is not writing.

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It is a collaborative process in which the so-called creative person becomes an underpaid, over-ruled typist. SS : What are your experiences with Hollywood? How close have you gotten to a script becoming a film? DF : My book Mooch will be a film this year or next. I wrote the screenplay. Thankfully, having written the original document, the book itself is our point of reference in writing the movie. But make no mistake, what I said above still holds sway, to at least some extent.

SS : Have you met many in the business who are aware of the Fante name within the history of Hollywood?

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Of course they haven't read his stuff, they've just heard he was a good novelist. And, by having an option on one or more of his books, they might become rich. John Fante is a commodity — like fertilizer is a commodity. SS : What are your memories of John's experience in Hollywood? You told me once that he was basically an angry man.

Was this linked to a feeling of having "sold out" as a novelist? DF : Yes, I think so. My old man hated the flunkeyism of being a screenwriter. But to be fair, on the other hand, he had a reputation for being less than tolerant and cooperative. SS : How aware was John of the financial choice he made between being a struggling artist and a well-paid screenwriter? DF : Acutely aware. My old man was an obsessive golfer and stud poker aficionado.